The main aim of the Mozaic Project is to contribute to the conservation of the cultural landscape in the two communities of Borșa and Dăbâca, situated in the Eastern Hills of Cluj.

Through basic ecological research as well as studies on the land use and the socio-economic situation of the communities, we aim to provide an evidence base for the development of conservation measures and management recommendations.

The traditional extensive agriculture, upon which high nature value grasslands are dependent, is declining steadily. In response, we examine the role of agricultural subsidies within the Romanian Rural Development Programme, especially the Agri-environment payments, to see how the situation can be improved.

Practical outcomes of our work include a pilot Agri-environment scheme for selected hay meadow sites in 2011 and 2012. Furthermore, together with the locals we are trying to develop integrative nature conservation in the region. In 2012, in addition to the agri-environment scheme we are introducing small mowing machines in the area. These machines are a efficient alternative to the scythe and will make the farmers mowing work easier. From the ecological point of view the mowing machines are much more  compatible for the vegetation and fauna than tractor mowing.

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