2012: Data on the mowing of traditional hay meadows in the SCI "Eastern Hills of Cluj" (Transylvania, Romania) (pdf, 13 pages, 1 MB)

A report about the current use of the hay meadows in the Natura 2000 site "Eastern Hills of Cluj". The results show a considerable decline of the mown surface compared to 40-50 years ago: In half of the studied meadows (total surface of 1350 ha) mowing is completely abandoned and in the actively used meadows the mown area in general ranges only between 20% and 40% of the total surface.

Our results show clearly that the traditional hay meadows of the Natura 2000 site are highly threatened through land use change and abandonment. This is even more alarming considering the high ecological importance of the meadows: not only do they host two of the world records of plant species, but also the only known co-occurrence of all the European species of the butterfly genus Maculinea (large blues). The presented data can be used to develop protection strategies and for monitoring and management purposes.

If you have any questions or remarks, please contact Inge Paulini (ipaulini AT


2012: Examples of local declines in semi-natural grasslands, and how to monitor more effectively: Studies in the SCI "Eastern Hills of Cluj" (Transylvania, Romania)

This report is one of 11 case studies presented in the paper "Improving the targeting, monitoring and management of semi-natural grasslands across Europe - essential steps to achieving EU Biodiversity Strategy targets on farmland" by Sue Collins and Guy Beaufoy (EFNCP and Butterfly Conservation Europe).

It contains:

- information about the semi-natural grasslands and the associated butterflies of the study area
- the trends in farming and how they effect the grasslands and butterflies
- a discussion about existing policy measures and proposed improvements
- data sources and monitoring systems for semi-natural grasslands and butterflies.

If you have any questions or remarks, please contact Inge Paulini (ipaulini AT


2011: Grassland conservation through CAP instruments - A Transylvanian case study (pdf, 54 pages, 6.8 MB)

In the first part of the interdisciplinary report, the socio- and agro-economical situation of the two studied communes in the Hills of Cluj is summarized, followed by a study of the land use development between the 1960s and today, visualized through maps. This is complemented by survey of the grasslands and discussion about their High Nature Value status, as well as a description of farmers' associations and the situation with common grazing land.

In the second part we assess different aspects of Common Agricultural Policy instrument design, administration and implementation, some of them of national importance. On the basis of our findings we are able to give recommendations for an improvement of CAP instruments aimed at a better protection of High Nature Value Farmland.

If you have any questions or remarks, please contact Inge Paulini (ipaulini AT



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