Ecological studies

We are using vegetation ecology and population biology approaches to investigate questions such as: which vegetation types are characteristic for the area and how are they distributed spatially? Which butterfly and plant species occur? How big are the populations of the rare Maculinea butterfly species and their host plants?


Studies about land use and property structure

Over the last few decades the agricultural land use has changed considerably in Borşa and Dăbâca. Our aim is to document this change as well as the current land use, which determines the available subsidies for the farmers and influences the nature value of the area. In this way we can contribute to the further development of the agri-environment programme in Romania.


Studies of sociology and economics

In order to understand the socio-economic aspects of the project area and to carry out targeted activities, we examine the demographic structure and employment situation of the communities. A study on the economic situation of farming households and commercial farms will help to develop strategies for a sustainable agronomic development.


The pilot agri-environment programme for hay meadows


Management Plan for semi-natural grasslands

On basis of a comprehensive inventory and mapping of the grassland vegetation (on phytosociological alliance level) we propose a management plan for the semi-natural grasslands of Dabaca and Borsa communes. The management plan can be downloaded here (English version, 7.2 MB, 39 pages).


Environmental education for children

The best investment into a better future is the education of children - therefore we and the NGO "Ecouri Verzi Cluj" are carrying out environmental education activities for school classes in Borsa and Dabaca.


Meetings and conferences

We hold meetings with inhabitants and local authorities in the villages as well as symposia at the Babes-Bolyai-University Cluj, co-organize workshops with other NGOs in Transylvania and participate at national and international conferences to present our results.


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