Reports & Management Plan


Link to the final report of the MOZAIC-Project II for the DBU (pdf, 3.2 MB, German, 45 pages):

Further development of the agri-environment schemes for endangered hay meadows in Transylvania (Romania) (MOZAIC Project II) - Final Report for the DBU

Reporting period: 01.06.2012 - 31.12.2014


Link to the final report of the MOZAIC-Project I for the DBU (pdf, 2.7 MB, German, 38 pages):

Introduction of integrative conservation strategies in the designated Natura 2000-site "Dealurile Clujului" in order to protect Europe-wide important occurences of endangered species and their habitats (MOZAIC Project I)

Reporting period: 01.08.2009 - 31.07.2012


Link to the management plan for semi-natural grasslands of Borsa and Dabaca communes. Author: Marius Barbos, year pf publication: 2011 (pdf, 7.2 MB, English, 39 pages):

Management plan for semi-natural grasslands in Borsa and Dabaca communes (Transylvania, Romania)


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