Sponsored by:
Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt & European Commission DG Environment



We are lucky to live in a region characterized by astonishing natural treasures and traditional farming areas, in which an equilibrium between man and nature can still be found. However, this is a time of transition for the region and there is a risk that some changes might harm the biological diversity, extensive ways of farming and traditional knowledge.

We believe that there is a middle way between industrialized agriculture and fossilising farming for conservation, namely rural development through living tradition, healthy food, eco-tourism, diverse and sustainable agriculture, modern living standards and a society which recognizes the value of semi-natural landscapes. Through our activities we want to contribute to develop this future for the rural areas of Romania.

Because we are dealing with complex systems, we must respect the links between:

- man and naturetriunghi mozaic

- past, present and future

- science and application

- us and our fellow men.


Therefore our motto is:

Everything is connected to everything else.

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