Christmas trees help to protect hay meadows

The NaLa Association's Christmas tree campaign takes place from Friday 15 December to Sunday 17 December 2023 in Bonn (Germany).

The Christmas tree campaign is organized by our German partner organisation, the Association for Nature Conservation and Landscape Ecology (NaLa), Bonn.

The campaign aims at restoring semi-natural grasslands and forests from low mountain regions in North Rhine-Westphalia. Like in previous years, the spruces and pines cut by the members of the association and volunteers can be taken home as a Christmas tree. For every tree, the NaLa Association encourages a donation for social and nature conservation projects.

More information is available on the website of the NaLa Association.

We are happy and proud that our association will again be on the list of NGOs that benefit from this fund. We will use the money to buy or rent traditional hay meadows in our focus area and carry out other activities for their long-term protection.

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