Review 2022


Dear Friends of Nature,

Our activities in 2022 mainly concerned the protection of the Lord's Meadow, an old hay meadow measuring 40 ha in Luna de Jos (near Cluj-Napoca), which is no longer mown by the local farmers. As a result, it is becoming increasingly overgrown by shrubs and the excessive sheep grazing is also having a negative impact on the vegetation structure and typical meadow species.

Yet the meadow is a great example of what treasures the interaction of natural resources and extensive agriculture can create: it is the only known place in Europe where five taxa of Maculinea butterflies (synonym: Phengaris) occur together - or did until recently, one must unfortunately say, as the abandonment of mowing as well as the grazing has already severely affected the butterfly populations.

It is not yet too late for the Maculinea butterflies - which is why we have continued to work this year for the long-term protection of the Lord's Meadow:

FD_Scrub removal_1




Many thanks to all the people who helped with the practical implementation of the measures and to all those who supported us through donations! We are also happy that the NaLa Association will dedicate a part of the donations from his year's Christmas tree campaign to us again.

Season's greetings and best wishes for a Happy New Year!




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