Review of the year 2013



Dear visitors and friends of MOZAIC!

One more year has passed with its ups and downs, successes and also unmatched aims for all of us. But there is a big road ahead, waiting! The national and international efforts for the protection of the traditional cultural landscapes of Europe, biodiversity and small-scale agriculture must keep on going and speed up the pace towards a better and more sustainable strategy, we would say! We hope for the best for next year and that many people will become more aware and more involved in these fields of activity. Together we are strong!

In this occasion, we want to give you an overview of some of the MOZAIC Association's activities in 2013:


2nd year of the Mozaic Project II "Further development of the agri-environment schemes for endangered hay meadows in Transylvania", funded by the DBU. In this project, many members of the MOZAIC Association are involved. Some of the main activities have been:


- The limits of one semi-abandoned hay meadow have been marked with poles by local farmers. This prevented grazing during the summer and the farmers were happy about better hay. The picture shows the sheep flock respecting the limits of the meadow.




- Excursion of a Romanian delegation of farmers, locals and the manager of the LAG "Somes-Transilvan" to the Eifel region in Germany (more information).


- 3rd year of the pilot agri-environment programme for selected hay meadows in Dabaca and Borsa communes: about 6.5 ha were mown and received our financial reward. Almost the whole surface was mown with the small hand-mowin machine aquired in the Mozaic project.

mowin machine



- Start of a monitoring programme of the vegetation and selected butterfly species in traditional hay meadows, as well as continuing the monitoring of the mown meadow surface in the Natura 2000 site.

Pink meadow


- Study of the vegetation of regularly used hay meadows in another Natura 2000 site in order to compare the meadow structure with our area.



Participation of Roxana at the Youth Future Conference in Bonn. Here is what she writes about it:

"In the beginning of September, I had the chance to take part in an extraordinary conference, organized by the association Youth Future Project in Bonn. The event brought together students and professionals with interest in the field of sustainability and environmental protection and consisted in one week of workshops, team-work, discussions and presentations. I think one of the most exciting activities during the conference, was the Pro-Action Café. After going through concepts and theories about sustainable living and economic, social and environmental implications, we had the chance to come in front with proposals for specific projects that would engulf all this knowledge and make use of it. The idea was to maintain a long-term collaboration among us, to strengthen some links and foster innovative ideas and involvement. Also, those who proposed projects had the opportunity to further take part in a coaching launched so that members of Youth Future Project and receive further support and guidance if needed.


It was a great experience and I am thankful to have met really wonderful people. It was also a nice chance to talk about Mozaic Association and our projects. I felt it was a really nice energy around and some good starting points were set. From now on, it's all about us!"




Participation of Roxana and Vasile at a workshop of Project Management Basics and Networking in Munich, Germany.

See here and our facebook site for more information.



Co-organisation of two meetings of the "Ethnic Landscape Group", one in Cluj (July) and one in the Csik mountains (November). Here is some information about the second one:

The last Ethlas meeting for this year took place in the beautiful region of Miercurea-Ciuc, between 27 and 30 of November. We had very fruitful discussions, and we enjoyed among us the presence of interdisciplinary experts. Of course, we couldn't have had the meeting without the precious help and involvement of our friends from the Pogany Havas Association, whom we would like to thank for their support and involvement.


The main points on the agenda were, apart from individual presentations of research interests and background, to decide upon a call for proposals and to define common goals for the team so that next year, the Ethlas network would have a better support and the project itself will start. Besides this, we could experience the beginning of the winter in one of the coldest regions of Romania by doing a field trip in the area. Thanx to everybody involved and follow us for further news!



Mozaic group

We wish you a new year full of diversity, wisdom and new discoveries

and some wonderful winter holidays!

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