Successful meeting of the HNV Farming Coalition

The draft of the new Common Agricultural Policy 2014-2020 has recently been presented by the European Commission, initiating the development of the National Rural Development Programmes (RDPs) according to the general European framework. In this context our partner NGO Pogány-havas organized a meeting of the HNV Farming Coalition on 10th - 12th October near Miercurea Ciuc about proposals for modifications of the actual and new Romanian RDP (post 2013).


The meeting was attended by members of Mozaic,  EFNCP, Pogány-havas, Adept and Agora.

The participants agreed on short-time and long-time proposals, especially concerning the Agri-environment package. During the second day the meeting was attended by senior representatives of APIA, DADR and the Environment Protection Agency for Harghita County, who were positive about many of the ideas.

The proposals will be discussed further within the NGOs and the HNV Farming Coalition and prepared for submission. The meeting was a very motivating experience and will hopefully be followed by other thematic meetings next year.

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