Maculinea information sheet published!

New information sheet in the series of “The Mozaic Project in the communities of Borşa and Dăbâca”

Within the series "The Mozaic Project in the communities of Borşa and Dăbâca" we have published a new information sheet about the Blues (genus Maculinea) and their ecology.

These Europe-wide endangered butterflies have highly specialised ecological requirements, which include certain host plants as well as host ants from the genus Myrmica, and their occurrence depends on low-impact farming.

You can find more about the relationship of these factors, the lifecycle of the Blues and the importance of the Hills of Cluj for the conservation of this butterfly genus in the information sheet "Maculinea Butterflies".

Click here to see the other publications of "The Mozaic Project in the communities of Borşa and Dăbâca".

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