Workshop "Ethnic Landscapes & Ethno-Ecosystems"

The interdisciplinary workshop of the working group ETHLAS about Ethnic Landscapes in Transylvania took place on 19-21 May 2011 in Cluj.


The event was co-organized by members of the Mozaic Project, the working group  of Dr. Johannes Gnädinger of the Technical University Munich, the Babes-Bolyai-University Cluj and the Corvinus University Budapest.

Two days of presentations and interdisciplinary discussions where followed by an excursion to the Mozaic Project area. We are happy that the topic of Ethnic Landscapes was received with great interest by the participants and are looking forward to successful cooperations.

Read more in the programme of the workshop.

We would like to express our gratitude to the German Academic Exchage Service (DAAD) for the funding of the workshop.

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