DBU and EFNCP visited Mozaic

A delegation of the DBU and EFNCP visited together with Mozaic the Cluj Hills

In early spring a DBU delegation (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt), consisting of Prof. em. Dr. Dr.h.c. Horst A. Diehl, Dr. Volker Wachendörfer and Dr. Nicole Freyer, arrived in Cluj.
They were in Romania to conduct interviews with future scholars for their scholarship program for Central- and Eastern European countries. The three representatives of the DBU were accompanied by Gwyn Jones, a representative of the European Forum on Nature Conservation and Pastoralism (EFNCP). These two organizations are the major sponsors for the Mozaic projects.

In order to present our work directly in our research area, we organized an excursion for our sponsors to the community of Dăbâca. We started the excursion in the village of Luna de Jos, and more precisely at the lunch table of the Rus family. The generous and tasty 6-course menu already started the day off with a culinary highlight. Those who were still able to move joined the farmer family on a walk over the farm.
Next item on the agenda of the field-trip was a visit to the hay meadows of the community. Some the group took the opportunity to get there in the most traditional way - by horse and cart. Once there, the group discussed the pilot program for the maintenance of the hay meadows started in 2011 and other activities of the Mozaic Association.
To round up the field-trip we had a meeting with the deputy mayor of Dăbâca, where we were again greeted with the great Romanian hospitality which we felt throughout the day.

Visit the photogallery to see more pictures of the visit from DBU and EFNCP.

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